Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 1.49.54 pmROLLING RESTORATIVE (RR) YOGA –  by Sara-Shivani

RR Yoga is self massage blended with Yoga and breath-work for muscle recover, flexibility and peak performance. It is an evolved and integrated way of optimizing your body and mind for flexibility, strength and peak performance. It’s a deep yet simple method for easing pain, healing injury and wanting to sing, “Oh what a feeling” !.




The Benefits of RR Yoga

✔️Recovery of muscles,
✔️increased flexibility,
✔️pain & injury release,
✔️pain free movement,
✔️restoration of proper movement patterns,
✔️enhance physical performance,
✔️deeper experience of mind-body peace.




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RR Yoga – fuses the techniques of Myofascial Massage, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga  and Pranayama. Using props (tennis balls, yoga blocks  bath towels and breath channeling techniques, we directly stimulate the body’s connective tissue (fascia) and energy pathways (meridians) to release muscle tightness and muscle “knots” (trigger points).

 RR Yoga takes you beyond Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Tao Yoga (Qigong). Long held, static stretches (Yin Yoga) and gentle supported postures  (Restorative Yoga) are great methods to relax and increase flexibility but these practices are often not enough to release tight knots in the body, relieve pain and optimise physical movement.




Crunch Yoga Shivani The RR Yoga practice fills this gap by;
1: applying pressure to specific trigger points,
2: rolling props along meridian lines
3: harnessing the power of breath techniques and
4: using visualisation meditations.
RR Yoga is highly effective and can be used by people of all skill, fitness and yoga levels. It’s especially useful for people with physical pain, high levels of mental stress athletes, weight trainers, yoga students and teachers.



In August 2015 Shivani taught the first RRY Teacher Training in Tokyo Japan at Sun and Moon Yoga.
Shuvani teachers RRY regularly every Sunday at Crunch and incorporates RRY into most of her 9 weekly Yoga classes.


Rave Reviews for RR Yoga. 
RR Yoga is one of Shivani’s most popular Body Bliss Yoga series.