3: How to Make the Impossible Possible

Claudine BBB Podcast

Claudine-219x219“Just keep going and work so hard and get so smart that you make it impossible to not happen.” 

Claudine Chicheportichie is a  2 x GKR World Karate Champion and 12 x Australian Martial Arts champion.

She is also a copywriter and has a background in leadership and project management and has run programs in Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Women’s Leadership workshops in the Solomon Islands.

She shares the amazing story of  how she overcame injury and defied doctor’s opinions to become World Champion.

In this episode some of the things you may learn include;

  • How to create a champion “mindset” to make your dreams become reality.
  • How to heal an injury with hot and cold water therapy (“ice baths”)
  • Why a medical doctors opinion of your physical condition is not the be all and end all.

Claudine is a tenacious, creative and super motivated women.  I have no doubt she will  inspire you to make your “impossible possible”.  Press play on her episode now.



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