2: Intimacy, Sex & Love. Take it to the Next Level.

Destin “Never stop exploring.  There are endless realms for your sexual expression and spirituality”.

Destin Gerek is a sex and relationship coach. Working in the field of human sexuality for over 17 years, he specializes in helping people awaken their sexual energy, improve their relationships and harness the power of manifestation.


In this conversation some of the things we talk about include ;

  • Sexual Healing – what and how to de-armour your body and mind for endless guilt free pleasure
  • Orgasmic Meditation and Mastery
  • How to become a sexual empowered man
  • How a woman can encourage her partner to open up to his amazing abilities as a man and a lover
  • and so much more…..

This episode is for both women and men regardless of your relationship status or sexual preferences.