6: Escape your 9-5 & Live in Paradise

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” Focus on the top of your mountain. Learn to say NO to things that are taking you away from your passions and ultimate goal. This way you will keep moving forward and truly experience the magic of life.”

Sarah Alderson is an award willing author who reminds us that
sometimes to find your YES you have to say NO.

In the space of a few years she totally transformed her career and life and now has nearly a dozen books published with a thriving global fan base.

Sarah recounts her journey of how she quit her job in London and took off on a round the world trip with her husband and daughter. After almost a year wandering around India, Singapore, Australia and the US, the Alderson family settled in Bali for a few years while Sarah sipped on coconuts and wrote books to her heart’s content.

In this episode some of the things you may learn include;


  • how to replace fear with faith and totally transform your career and life
  • how to stay focused, live a stress free and creative life
  • why and how to say “NO” to things in order to move forward and find your “YES” in life.

Sarah will inspire you to follow your gifts and dreams and make the big changes you need to truly shine.