4: How to Love Your Body

BBB O4 Liz & ShivaniLiz“Self love is the foundation of your worth, health and success. It enhances every area of your life including attracting the right partner.”

Liz DiAlto is Founder of Wild Soul Movement-  a 16 week online
experience of self discovery for women that combines movement,
meditation and mantra.
In this podcast conversation with Liz some of the things you will learn include:
  • A daily meditation that will revolutionise how you view your  body.
  • How and why Liz integrated masculine (goal orientated) approaches to fitness with feminine (feeling based) approaches inspired by yogic modalities.
  • Why less is more and “bliss over achievement” are more effective ways achieving your best body.
  • How Liz gracefully and quickly overcame the sadness of a relationship breakup.
  • Liz’s most powerful business weapon to create success and inner fulfilment.



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