8: Sexual Healing- Q&A with Destin & Shivani

BBB 02 PicSEXUAL HEALING & SACRED SEX.  Sex & Relationship Coach, Destin Gerek returns to the Podcast for this requested Q&A session.

This episode carries on from Episode 2: Intimacy, Sex & Love. Take it to the Next Level. So take a listen to that first if you have yet to.  Some of the topics Destin and Shivani include;

  • How masculinity and femininity can best be expressed in the bedroom
  • How we can support our own and our overs sexual energy
  • How a man can become a master of his orgasmic energy
  • The value of healthy masturbation and how to separate it from ejactulation.
  • How to and the importance of establishing a practice of Erotic Self Exploration (ESE)
  • Sacred Sexuality Practices for Women (the Jade Egg)
  • Yab Yum Sex Position
  • How to create an intimate but non sexual connection with others in a group setting.

Destin Gerek is a sex and relationship coach. Working in the field of human sexuality for over 17 years, he specializes in helping people awaken their sexual energy, improve their relationships and harness the power of manifestation.

Sara Shivani is founder of Venus Yoga ( a fusion of Tantra & Taoist Yoga) , Creator of BODY BLISS (the online Yoga & Nutrition Program for women) and the host of this Podcast.


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