Venus Yoga Self Care WS
“Shivani’s workshops are fantastic. Her knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm is infectious! I learned many new approaches to cultivating energy, health and well-being. Shivani shares fantastic tools and techniques that she’s learned on her studies from masters in India, China and Japan and melded into her own unique approach.
Her classes and workshops are highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase their daily energy flow, and be inspired to greater health, harmony and happiness! She has a wonderful teaching style that is inspirational and educational, as well as empowering and holistic. In her workshops she expertly teaches the forms and theories of Yoga and Qi Gong, and also relates her personal experiences of self-transformation and becoming pain-free through these practices and self-healing in nature.

It is this combination that offers such a rewarding, energising and relaxing
 experience to her students. Shivani gives them the tools to discover their own path to harmony and health through Yoga, more
interaction with nature and  discovering their own inner nature.”
Leza Lowitz M.A.
Owner + Director of Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Tokyo Japan. 
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“Sara Shivani has a magical way of creating a sacred and safe space
 for women to open, release and heal through her many practices from the East. She is able to connect with each woman and their needs as they journey with her into their sacred feminine in a group setting . I would highly recommend Shivani’s work to women of any age or stage
of life”.  Emma Grant.
Owner of ` Red Tent Yoga` Studio, Byron Bay, Australia.
Venus Yoga Water Sequence WS @ Seven Sisters
“Shivani and her Venus Yoga has reconnected me to a strong, sensual,
 feminine side of myself that I never knew existed. It has given me the courage to make the huge life changes I need to so that I can step into my true self fully.  I am filled with gratitude.”
Echo Leia, Ayurvedic therapist, Melbourne Australia.