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Heal & Harness your Pelvic temple

with a Jade gem stone and FREE instructional videos.



Buy your own nephrite Jade Egg and get 8 free instructional videos plus access to my secret Facebook group that offers you continued support and inspiration. 



Purchase within Australia just AU $79


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Just $79 (+ 8 free instructional videos) 

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Cost includes shipping and handling. Within Australia allow 3-4 days to arrive. Outside of Australia, allow 1-2 weeks. 

Your Egg is a medium sized genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade and comes with a pouch and Certification of Authenticity. The secret Facebook group is a safe place to ask questions, share your experiences and watch my video interviews with other women.

The Jade Egg is one of the most healing & energising tools a woman can have.

Discover it’s secrets and harness the benefits;

✔️Boost your energy levels & balance your hormones,
✔️Strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles and reproductive organs,
✔️Increase your confidence & libido,
✔️Reduce PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort and severe menopausal symptoms,
✔️Improve weak pelvic floor issues (so you can sneeze, jump and run without leakages),
✔️Learn how to engage your core muscles to aid in more efficient exercise techniques (running, weight training),
✔️Heal emotional trauma and physical wounds related to intimacy, sexuality , sex and birth,
✔️Awaken your multi-orgasmic potential (with or without a partner),
✔️Relax and sleep more easily,
✔️Deepen self love, connection and acceptance of your body,
✔️Become a better lover and help your partner do the same,
✔️Truly enjoy sex, and
✔️Nourish your feminine essence so you can really shine.

These Jade gemstones will absolutely change your life!

As the awareness of sacred practises for the female body become more mainstream, new “Yoni Eggs” are being sold on the market. Many of these eggs are fake jade and different gemstones all together. I still recommend use of the Jade gemstone rather the Rose quartz and black obsidian stones for these sacred sexuality rituals. Nephrite jade is the original gemstone of choice for these sacred Taoist rituals. It’s been time tested for thousands of years and it’s hallmarks are – mineral purity, density and durability. Nephrite jade, thanks to it’s unique interlocking fibre structure, is tougher than a diamond. It won’t crack, scratch or develop fractures.
Rose quartz and black obsidian stones are strong but much less durable than nephrite jade and tend to be porous. With prolonged use, there is a possibility that the Eggs made from these gemstones may chip or crack when inside you. I feel, these gemstones, are best left for sacred work outside the body.

Nephrite Jade Eggs will always have variations – it’s a natural stone and each boulder from which the Jade is carved will be slightly different.  From my personal experience over the last 10+ years, the darker jade eggs aid healing and strengthen and are great for when you begin this journey. The color vibration is very grounding. The whiter Jade Eggs feel lighter in the body and seem to intensify the upward flow of inner energy. For more on why I only recommend nephrite jade and to discover how the Jade Egg rituals can help heal and strengthen your pelvic floor, watch this short video below.




Purchase within Australia just AU $79

Contact me HERE for international purchases 

or if you would rather pay by direct deposit within Australia. 


For over a decade, Sara-Shivani has practiced and taught the Jade Egg Meditation as part of her Venus Yoga workshops in Australia, Bali & Japan. She has personally experienced and witnessed the ongoing benefits of the Jade Egg Meditation and would love for you to benefit too.

Shivani draws upon her 20 years of experience as a Yogini, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist to infuse the Meditation with the best practices she knows to heal and invigorate the female body.




Shivani & SonShe is mother to a 5 year old son, and credits her Jade Egg for allowing her to have orgasmic moments during labour, heal quickly after child birth, ability to be multi orgasmic and jump on a trampoline without wetting her pants (a rare thing for mamas).

To learn more about Shivani head over to her audio Podcast. Listen to Episodes 04 & 08 for more on practices especially designed to nourish the female body and increase sexual vitality.


“It was deeply comforting to practice this Jade Egg ritual with other women and be guided in a safe space. It made it easier for me to talk about my menstrual cycle and sexuality. It was cleansing and inspiring. I recommend every woman try the Jade Egg and Shivani’s Workshop.”   –  Natassia, Mother, Consultant.


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Take your  journey deeper with the JADE EGG

 Discovery Workshop. 

Next Workshop is in Perth, Australia on Saturday 8th, July 2017. Details to come.




Questions ? Contact me HERE 


Discover Your SACRED BLISS  with a feminine Yoga practice that uses a Jade Egg.

Learn how to Nourish your Feminine Essence & Sexual Vitality.

The Jade Egg is one of the most healing & energising tools a woman can own.




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Each Workshop is held in a private, sacred and safe space.



The DISCOVERY WS is for every woman, no matter her age, health, fitness level or phase in life. No previous Yoga or meditation experience is required. It is highly recommended for women with PMS, menstrual pain, menopausal issues, mothers and athletes. If you crave more sensual and sexual fulfilment in your life, this WS is definitely for you.

If you are pregnant or have any pelvic injuries or reproductive issues, please consult with your doctor and health/exercise professional first. Adaptions will be given for pre-natal, post-natal and post-menopause women.

After you register for the WS you’ll be able to discuss your individual needs with Shivani.



The DISCOVERY WS is a rite of passage that will revolutionise how you feel about your body, your monthly cycle (or menopause process) intimacy, sex, general wellness and more.

Some of the things you’ll learn include;

✔️the foundational principals of female energetics,
✔️the latest research on women’s reproductive health, pelvic anatomy and sexual wellness, plus
✔️the “Jade Egg Meditation” developed by the founder of Venus Yoga & Body Bliss, Sara-Shivani.

This Meditation is a dynamic yet gentle sequence of movement and breathing exercises grounded in the ancient knowledge of Taoist Yoga (from China), Tantric Yoga (from India) and Maya Massage Techniques (from Belize) .

You’ll learn a 15 minute version of the “Jade Egg Meditation” – the Core Ritual, so you can easily incorporate it into your daily life.

✔️To balance the physical practice, you’ll be guided through individual and small group exercises to nourish yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

✔️The workshop is conducted in a private, safe and sacred space. You move at a pace that is intuitive and comfortable for you. There is no nudity. Just fun, laughter, insights, release, relaxation and sisterhood.

✔️By the end of the WS you’ll know the keys to harnessing the list of benefits written above feeling more confident about your body and life.


Your Jade Egg will be made of top quality nephrite Jade– a stone that has been regarded for centuries as a healing and longevity stone that helps draw impurities and strengthens the reproductive organs and pelvic muscles.

After a cleansing ritual and full body movement warm up (which we will do at the start of the meditation), you insert the Jade Egg into your Vagina. Once inside, the Jade Egg softly massages your vaginal tissue, lubricates the glands that run along the inside of your vaginal canal, and stimulates your pelvic floor muscles. Your Egg will increase internal sensitivity of your vagina and cervix (the lowermost part of the uterus), while lowering the production of stress hormones in your body and give you the sexual confidence your soul desires.

The Jade Egg is also an excellent tool for learning how to relax the vaginal wall and relax your muscles for a shorter and more pleasurable labour during natural child birth.

Use of the Jade Egg originated in China 5,000-7,000 years ago. For the last 50 years, western women focused on feminine healing, have been using Jade Eggs. Over the last year the Jade Egg has started popping up in social media channels and there seems to be a focus on using the egg for “vaginal weight lifting”. This demonstrates the strength benefits of using the Jade Egg (awesome to be sure), but rather than showing off with performance theatrics, the Jade Egg is a sacred tool of nourishment so you can enjoy peak reproductive health, blissful sex and access deeper levels of consciousness.


Correct and sacred use of the Jade Egg fills a much needed gap in reproductive and pelvic health care.

Our modern lifestyles (desk life, computers, lifting children, lack of daily exercise) can lead to a weakening of the muscles that support our digestive and female reproductive systems. Jade Eggs are especially effective to prevent and correct muscle weaknesses, especially prolapse of the uterus. They encourage your inner muscles to contract, build strength and increase blood circulation to your vital reproductive organs. On an energetic level, Jade Eggs help you access internal energy (prana) flow so you feel more energised and calm on a daily basis.

Your initiation into the Jade Egg Meditation is best experienced in a small and intimate group setting. Study after study by health agencies around the world have found that when women gather together they deepen their individual healing and empowering experiences, reducing risks of physical and mental illness and increasing their longevity.

Learning about the intricacies of your body and mind in a safe and sacred space with other women, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Register now and learn how you can get ready for one of the most special days of your life.

The Discover Workshop is limited to 8 women only to ensure your individual needs are met. 



Workshop Investment : $179 if you already have your own Jade Egg. 

Workshop + Jade Egg Investment : $258 
Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.17.11 pmIt includes;

★Your top quality Jade Egg & Cover Bag (valued at $79)
★Access to 8 free instructional videos

★Audio MP3 recording of the practices
★Workbook & Journal,
★4 hours of guided practices, theory and Q&A.
★Light Snack & Refreshments
★ Follow up 1-1 consultation call with Shivani
★Discount coupon for entry into the online course SACRED BLISS – Jade Egg Rituals (coming November 2016). 



Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.
To register please email Shivani, bodyblissbusiness(at).com with the title JADE EGG WS.
Please write your phone number, Skype ID and ideal 2 times for Shivani to call you for your 1-1 preparation call.

You will be sent an email with more details, exact workshop location and “what to bring list” .

In the call you can discuss your personal needs so Shivani can tailor specific exercises to your needs.

Discovery Workshop

Date: Friday 18th August, 2017
Time: 7pm-10pm Cronulla, 
Place: Odonata Studio. 



If you have any further enquiries please contact Shivani via the contact form. 

Venus Yoga Self Care WS

Workshop Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel more than 4 weeks prior to the workshop:

►receive a full refunded minus a 5% admin fee.

If you need to cancel between 1 and 4 weeks before the workshop:

►80% of your fees are refunded.

If you need to cancel between 1 and 7 days before the workshop:

►no refund but you can transfer the payment to an alternative future workshop

and or Personal Coaching (Yoga & Massage) sessions with Shivani.